Lamictal Rash: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Home Remedies

Each one of us must have faced rashes in any of the stages of life. Rashes are very common to occur which may be due to an allergic reaction, infection or any other thing. Some rashes get cured on their own and some are terrible to be cured. Lamictal rash is one of them which can be cured on their own or due to medical treatment. Let us try to know more about Lamictal rash, its causes, symptoms to know it, diagnosis, treatment methods and home remedies for it. Let us now get into the article.

What is Lamictal Rash?

This is the most common side effect of drug Lamictal which have medicine lamotrigine. The drug is used for the treatment of epilepsy and bipolar disorder. These rashes start from mild irritation and can be turned into a life-threatening complication. These rashes usually start within 8 days of intake of lamotrigine. In the form of red patches, these rashes can be observed also they are more common to occur in children rather than adults.

 Causes of Lamictal Rash

The main cause of Lamictal rash is a reaction to drug Lamictal which happens when the immune system reacts to certain drugs. These reactions take place after several hours or days later. But certain factors are present which can increase the cause of Lamictal rash. These common factors are as following:

  • People taking certain medicines along with Lamictal are at high risk to suffer from this disease. Such as medicines for bipolar disorder, epilepsy and migraine.
  • People who start taking Lamictal at a higher dose are more likely to have a reaction due to this drug.
  • If someone had a reaction due to any of the anti-epilepsy drugs than the person is more likely to have the reaction if he/she takes Lamictal drug.
  • Lamictal rash is more likely to occur in children rather than adults.
  • When someone suddenly increases the dose of Lamictal drug then they suffer from the reactions of the drug.

Symptoms of Lamictal Rash

The symptoms present during Lamictal rash help to diagnose the disease easily which are usually red spots that cannot be touched but itchy. Symptoms of Lamictal rash differ when it is mild and when it is severe. Both kinds of symptoms are as follows:

Symptoms when it is mild

Mild Lamictal rash has symptoms like red patches hives, itching, swelling, feeling of being unwell and blisters in some of the areas.

Symptoms when it is severe

In case of severe Lamictal rash along with mild symptoms some additional symptoms are as follows:

  • Mild fever
  • Swelling of the lymph nodes
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • The eosinophils count is usually high
  • Blisters are very painful
  • Body ache is normal to occur

The symptoms can create serious complication too. If the symptoms get very severe then it may cause following:

Stevens-Johnson syndrome

This syndrome is very rare to occur and one of the severe syndromes due to Lamictal rash. But this can also be caused by vaccines and infection. This syndrome has symptoms like flu-like signs, purple blisters, swollen eyes and rash covering less than 10 percent of the body. If this left untreated then it can cause sight loss, damage the skin.

Toxic epidermal necrolysis

This is a serious kind of infection which can cause the skin to peel off. This can cause very much pain in the skin with eye irritation. Red areas are formed in the skin which spreads quickly. In this case, severe burns in the skin can also be seen. Sometimes these disorders are even fatal to the life of the person.

DRESS syndrome

This is the rarest side effect of Lamictal rash as this can also be caused by any of the drugs. According to some of the doctor’s genetic factors play a great role in the development of this disorder. In the case of DRESS syndrome body start producing too many white blood cells which can even cause severe flu-like symptoms. This can also cause liver and heart failure when gets much severe.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Lamictal Rash

Diagnosis of Lamictal rash is done according to the symptoms as the symptoms clearly indicate this disease. For the treatment of Lamictal rash doctors firstly tell the patient to stop taking the Lamictal. When the symptoms are of mild one then the doctor may suggest waiting for some time t see if the symptoms getaway of their own. Treatment for the severe cases of Lamictal rash could be as follows:

  • For treating Stevens-Johnson syndrome hospitalization may be required. People with this situation need proper care and treatment according to the symptoms.
  • Toxic epidermal necrolysis also requires hospitalization. In this situation, intravenous therapy, antibiotics, fluids and prevention from infection can be taken.
  • DRESS syndrome requires treatment of the patient in the hospital which include drugs to suppress immune system along with corticosteroid. Some additional treatment for heart and kidney can also be taken.

Home Remedies for Lamictal rash

Home treatment can also be taken to reduce the rashes which are as follows:

  • Cold compresses to reduce the rashes can be taken
  • Aloe vera gel can also be used to reduce the itching occurring on the rashes
  • Taking bath in hot water with neem leaves is very useful to reduce rash
  • Freshly grounded coriander and turmeric paste can also be used to heal the skin
  • Olive oil, apple cider can also be used to reduce the irritation and inflammation
  • A paste of baking soda with warm water can also be applied


People suffering from Lamictal rash get some relief when they stop taking the drug Lamictal. This can also cause serious complications with the symptoms which can be life-threatening. Here in this article, we provided you complete detail regarding Lamictal rash. People suffering from epilepsy have to switch to another drug for treatment. Visiting doctor is highly recommended as it needs treatment else can be converted into a serious threat.

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